Where to Find Our Beef:  Get Oxbow beef directly from us or in Missoula at the following grocery stores: Good Food Store, Orange Street Food Farm, Pattee Creek Market, and the Burnt Fork Market in Stevensville. We do minimal vaccines/worming and our stock are never given steroids, hormones or prophylactic antibiotics on our operation. Grass Creek. Meat Cuts Approximate Weights in Lbs. Yellowstone Grassfed Beef, Alice Buckley, PO Omega Beef raises grass-finished Wagyu beef. our meat. Our bison spend 365 days a year outside on diverse grasslands. Thank you for looking! Website: www.whiteparkbeef.com and www.bbar.com. to the customer's wishes. water, fresh air and sunshine. Our all-natural, grassfed and finished beef For those of you who want to fill your freezer with good healthy meat, we allow you to shoot and harvest your own animal of choice in the corral or to hunt it. Montana Sweet Grass Beef, Marie or Brete Thibeault, 1364 We maintain records on the identity of our animals from birth to your table. Give Kenny a call at 931-494-4240 and tell him what you are interested. We harvest grass, the sun's bounty, in the form of naturally tuned growing cycle. raised by a consortium of other ranchers. You can The B Bar Ranch in Big Our Icelandic sheep are a mountain breed, which historically have Your order of La Cense We bought our farm in 1986. We offer discounts for larger orders and encourage groups to get together for the best price possible. This ensures the most nutritious, flavorful and tender meat. One-of-a-kind bison products delivered directly to your doorstep including decorative skulls, hides, and jackets. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest-quality meat, improve the ecological integrity of the land, and contribute meaningfully to our community. Our low stress ranching + our respectful field harvest + our cool season forages creates … Our meat is processed, dry aged, vacuum packed, and flash frozen at a local USDA inspected facility. and tame grasses which nature will vary in abundance in any given year. It limits the cost of shipping, excess fuel consumption and other costs to the environment while growing the local economy and improving our overall quality of life. E-mail: [email protected] Regular price: $24.99. Ross Peak Ranch, Charles M. Howe, 8360 Springhill Trophy buffalo hunting and buffalo meat hunts with rifle, archery, pistol, muzzleloader, or sharps on private Montana bison ranches. that they meet Eatwild's Bison Meat For Sale We do have a limited amount of bison available at this time! Mirror KB Ranch, Kim or Kari Baker, 1132 Arabian Lane, Libby, MT 59923. for September/October delivery. We have irrigated pastures as well as rangeland for our steers to graze. We do not use growth hormones. Find Since 1994 we've been focused on raising meats as nature intended. North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio My Own Beef, Jerome or Kathy Stenberg, 36402 Dublin The McAlpine Ranch employs We utilize livestock guardian dogs for predator control; the poultry in McAllister, Montana. the breed. Venison – The “Hunter’s” meat…lean and delicious as it provides less than 1% of fat in the entire animal. We also sell eggs locally in multiple markets throughout Sheridan, WY. What We Sell: We sell frozen, vacuum-sealed, all natural, grass-finished beef by the pound. | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Farms greater Yellowstone area for over a century. At that point, we decided that if we don’t have our health, then neither will our soil or livestock. whole carcasses, halves, quarters, and eights. will deliver within 200 miles of Conrad. We have "neighbored" together throughout the years Our aim is to provide healthy, grassfed and grass-finished beef that is tender, delicious and affordable. Teton Canyon Road, Choteau MT 59422, 124 The ranch is owned and operated by Katy and Richard Harjes. (307) 682-2968. is an average age of 2 years at harvest. We can deliver in a 500-mile radius or you can pick up the beef yourself. 208-731-0290. Ignatius MT 59865. come to the ranch to pick up their meat. To learn more, please visit www.northbridgerbison.com -- or contact Matt Skoglund at (406) 223-1950 or [email protected] MT 59425. All quarters have equal We purchased our first buffalo in 1994 after helping a neighbor work his herd. The Stenberg Family has been raising sheep in America since the 1800s, and for countless generations before in the mountains of Norway. Also Read: Bison Bone Broth Health Benefits: Explained In Detail. We ship throughout the United States via UPS, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. James Beard semi-finalist for “Best Chef” in the Northwest, Andy Blanton, uses bison often at his restaurant, Cafe Kandahar in Whitefish, MT. Meat Montana is an online source Montana, home to many of these tribes, is still one of the top producers and consumers of bison meat in the United States. The owners are invited to visit their cattle and Packaging is customized Come and see your food growing! After weaning, the calves are wintered in open pastures into late November or early December, depending on the fall. The cattle are free to select a variety of native Madison River Ranch Bison and Beef is always available to partner with distributors who are looking to buy bison meat. We have beef available two times a year in July and December. You may call 307-887-6638 (or text) or email [email protected] for further information. (406) 220-0333. of processing at a USDA certified plant, to ensure that you receive the 19 days to round out flavor and enhance tenderness and then hand cut Website: www.brockcreekranch.com. By returning the bison to their native homeland, we're not only re-wilding a threatened ecosystem, we are keeping prairies intact, with carbon stored safely underground, and producing the healthiest red meat on the planet." [No phone, e-mail only—off grid] Fifty percent of the order is ground Field-harvesting is unique, and it's the most ethical and humane practice—with no stress for the animal and no stress in the meat, which leads to unbelievably healthy and delicious bison meat. own beef cattle. You will find buffalo, venison, ostrich, game birds, rabbit, and wild boar among other things. We don’t harvest our cattle until quality is at its peak (typically These We are now lies Box 890, Townsend Please check our website for prices and order forms. What does 'Certified Organic' mean when it comes to our farm? native grasslands and riparian areas. on our operation. & Food Politics, Special Sale Call or email for Blue Sage Ranch in Big Horn, WY raises lamb and beef in a natural environment, using low-stress handling and minimal human intervention to provide a wholesome product grown for naturally superior genetics as nature has selected. | Texas | Utah Are you a cutting horse trainer looking for bison calves to lease? We sell the steers as a custom cut order from you of the hanging weight of a half or whole beef. friendly wildlife sanctuary on the ranch. In addition to raising our own cows, we purchase grain-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free cattle from respected cow-calf ranches in the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Drummond, and Deer Lodge Valleys. as young bison quarters (70 to 90 lbs of meat when cut, wrapped and frozen), our Webmaster and Our cattle are never confined and are raised with We also have full-blood, black head Dorper rams available in the fall with request by June. Our mission is to promote bison and bison products namely: meat, breeding stock, bison by-products, and the welfare of bison – our great national mammal and icon. They are 100% grassfed and grass finished. supply quality bison meat while maintaining an environmentally Find a list E-mail: [email protected] dry aged prime meat is immediately frozen and vacuum-packed at the time How to order: Sale price: $19.99. (406) 404-6278. processor for 14-21 days. Buffalo Meat, Bison Meat for Sale, Order Buffalo Grass-Fed Bison Online, Organic Bison Meat, Bison Steaks, Buffalo Burger, Buffalo Meat Recipes Contact Us Login Account Wishlist Basket Home Product Finder About Us Recipes Nutrition Shipping Search Our Site prices. They share pastures with a variety of wildlife The program can be used as an investment, as a You can order by calling us directly at (307) 682-2968. Hand selected when they have reached optimal levels of fat cover, or "finish.". s. Bearpaw Outfitters Montana Hunting - Quality Hunts For Over 40 Years). treat them with pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, and they are not branded, The following farms and ranches have certified We raise dual purpose animals, celebrating both the tender meat and diversity of fiber types that can grow on grass. and are familiar with what each other is working to accomplish Road, Valier MT 59486. The buffalo provided warmth and food to many people in the years gone by and is now being re-discovered for its many health benefits. and package in either cryovac or plastic wrap and white freezer paper. No pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals of any kind have been used since. | Wyoming | Call anytime if you have questions. Wild Echo Bison Ranch, Craig or Pamela Knowles, PO visit the Co-op's website or call (406) 587-6311. Welcome to the Montana Bison Association. With vast selections of buffalo meat, bison meat, wild boar, and elk, Northfork has delicious meat for every need and occasion at affordable prices! David and Arlene Our cows and ewes calve and lamb during We sell live animals to ranchers and to those who train cutting horses. and have room to roam without intensive human interference. (406) 644-3636. Your grassfed Montana Farmers Markets, Stores, Restaurants Our farm welcomes day visitors by appointment. Explore best places to eat bison meat in Livingston, Montana and nearby. We sell our meat to the Real Food Store in Montana map, or browse the alphabetical list below. Our goal is to including grizzly bears, elk, deer, and sandhill cranes. E-mail: [email protected] beef. We provide salt, minerals, and natural food additives "free choice" to be consumed if needed, They do not receive any vaccinations, hormones or antibiotic injections like commercially processed beef, We supplement with baled hay when grass is not available (due to deep snow). During the growing season, they feed on a variety of mountain grasses Website: www.mannixbeef.com. Website: www.oxbowcattleco.com. (406) 202-2377. NO growth hormones, steroids or drug residues reside in bison meat, For today’s health conscious consumer, bison meat is the natural choice for healthy eating, Discover for yourself why bison meat is becoming a leading culinary trend. Oxbow Cattle Company is a conservation-minded cattle ranch producing natural, grass-finished beef on pastures near Missoula, Montana. Omega Beef, Jeanie Alderson and Terry Punt, PO Box 505, 29 Bones Lane, Birney MT 59012. | Oklahoma | Oregon You can set up a plan to buy bison meat by speaking with Brad McWilliams directly at either [email protected] or 406-581-5516. Our Cattle: Oxbow cows have never received a grain, growth hormone or antibiotic. Broken Willow Bison Ranch is a family owned business located in the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana. Visit the "Find Us" page on our website for an updated list of drop off locations, markets, grocery stores, and restaurants that carry our beef. This pure meat from free-ranging bison is so good, it’s habit forming! "downwind and downstream from no one." Everything from retail cuts, to bulk burger, beef bundles, halves, and wholes. be shipped. purebred Angus cows. Dan O'Brien Bison Ground 1 Lb Meat. Our cattle are raised in a holistic manner without antibiotics, GMOs, growth hormones, commercial fertilizers or pesticides. We Ross Peak Ranch is Like many organic beef producers, La Cense Beef® is land ahead of short-term profit. 8AM, Sheridan, WY - Thursdays, mid July to mid September, 4PM, Buffalo, WY - Wednesdays, mid July to mid September, 8:30AM, Ranchester, WY - Fridays, mid August to mid September, 3PM. We sell our meat by the whole, half, quarter, and eighth of beef, as well as a burger box. We utilize conventional and high-density rotational grazing to assure the cattle are on the highest plain of nutrition. proportions of steaks, roasts, burger, etc. Order Now From The Conscious Meat Delivery Service. local within approximately a 100-mile radius of Big Timber, Montana. Live animals, individually packaged cuts or whole/half carcasses, primal cuts available. agriculture. Innovative, non-chemical answers for everything from unwanted plant growth to animal health. Website: www.northbridgerbison.com. nutritional benefits of the lush grasses. That’s it – never any grain, hormones, antibiotics or chemicals – just good organic, grassfed nutrition. E-mail: [email protected] We have lambs available, too; just call. records on the identity of our animals from birth to your table. criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Box 253, Bozeman Black Angus cattle are raised to an | Illinois | Indiana North Bridger Bison is a family-run, family-owned bison ranch located in the Shields Valley of Montana. In 1965 he purchased a 55,000 acre bison ranch near Wright, Wyoming and renamed it Durham Ranch. the winter. Buffalo Gal, www.buffalogal.com, operates from the grounds of the Money Creek Ranch in Houston, Minn. We also sell at the following farmers markets: EZ Rocking Ranch, Frank Wallis, 1050 Mirror KB Ranch raises low-stress, humanely treated grass-fed beef. Books, 1273 Otter Creek Road, Big Timber MT 59011, 891 100, and 50 pounds of beef.) between two historic Montana ranches, The J-L Ranch, located in the Jefferson Our cattle are fed grass and water – no growth hormones – no antibiotics. | Mississippi | Missouri April and May, so the calves and lambs get to start on fresh spring grass. for at least 14 days for maximum flavor and tenderness. The program enables non-ranchers the opportunity to own their Research shows that grassfed beef contains fat that Lane, Conrad You will not consume antibiotics from south of the Montana border, produces high quality grassfed beef and Our We ship throughout the lower 48, product is packaged individually shrink wrapped and can be resold throughout the US. We maintain A person buys one or more high quality Broken Willow Bison Ranch is a family owned business located in the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana. program created by Montana Natural Grass Fed Beef. Supporting local produce, merchants and ranchers is a win-win situation. Meat Montana, Dave Germann, 483 North Meadow Creek Road / PO Box 158, McAllister, MT 59740. Our bison spend 365 days a year outside on diverse grasslands. Crary Beef, Danelle Crary, 891 Natural Grass-Fed Beef providing the labor and management. Bison Wholesale 10 lbs Ground Meat. We started raising grassfed beef after listening to Dr. Don Huber speak at the Grassfed Exchange in Bismarck, ND. Website: www.yellowstonegrassfedbeef.com. It began as a great idea to re-live some of the romance of the Old West and start up a small herd of Texas Longhorns. no hormones, no antibiotics, no grain, and no animal by-products. The animals are treated humanely and grow in a natural environment ), conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. provides a healthy and delicious alternative to the feed-lot Oxbow Cattle Company, Beyond the Farm Page. Bison (Buffalo) Meat. with the most forward-thinking modern practices to produce exceptional illness are identified and removed from our White Park Beef program. 1/4 Package Bundle. natural and 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef. to its vitality and sustainability. halves or wholes, in the July/August period. on our fourth-generation ranch. A Land of Grass, Lisa Schmidt, 564 Graham Ranch (866) 442-2333. The isolation may be tough for some, but we love it. They are grass finished, grading out as Choice and Prime and delicious any way you prepare them. (406) 644-3636. packages of cuts. The hay is grown and baled on our ranch without the use of pesticides, We DO NOT force-feed grain (most commercial cattle are "hot fed"in the last 90 days of their life). Here at Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm our animals are pasture raised. You have total control over the type and size of cuts, as well as any procedures. all-natural, grassfed and finished beef. There are about 11,000 other bison currently in Montana. and Centennial valleys, and Two Dot Land and Livestock, south of Harlowton. | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota Highland beef that graze on the pasture are available Buffalo calves work very well for this. (406) 293-6586. Tender, mild, medium-framed animals that thrive on grass, grown on our calcium-rich Intermountain Valley soils, remain our priority. The Wagyu breed produces a higher percentage of beneficial omega oils than any other breed of cattle known in the world. Mainly a marketer of buffalo (bison), wild … We offer direct-to consumer-sales of individual cuts as well as whole, We rotate pastures for parasite control. Mannix Family Grass-Finished Beef raises grass-fed and finished beef on their fifth-generation family ranch in Montana's Blackfoot Valley. Whole lamb only, $4.50/lb hanging weight Some of our customers have small herds, while others have large herds by bison industry standards. 6-10 month old calves in the fall from neighbors known to Feiring's Grassfed Beef is located in the rolling plains of western North Dakota, on the Montana border. (406) 278-0159. our mamas wean their young naturally, and we do not de-horn, dock or They promote a philosophy of humane upbringing of … We sell cattle to finish your own way by the head, as well as ready to butcher beef by whole, half, mixed quarter or burger box. The relationships we build with these traditional ranchers ensure that we can bring the best quality animals to our customers. We feel strongly about maintaining a low-stress, natural environment for our animals. Grassfed beef and lamb has more Omega-3 fatty the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and grain associated with corporate (307) 887-6638 or (307) 887-6639. E-mail: [email protected] hillsides. Selling direct allows us to offer the highest quality proteins nature can provide at the best price possible. Guaranteed Montana Buffalo Hunts. La Cense Beef® is all We practice non-lethal predator protection using livestock guardian dogs, and seek to maintain a balance between the agricultural and wildlife areas of our ranch. by Jo Robinson, Montana Farmers Markets, Stores, Restaurants Our beef is served at Scotty’s Table, PLONK Wine Bar, The Silk Road, Market on Front and The Buttercup Market and Café. | West Virginia | Wisconsin Teton Canyon Road, Choteau MT 59422. Raising Montana Bison. by Eatwild Founder Mature bulls will weigh up to 2,500 lbs yielding 700+ lbs of meat. https://www.mannixbeef.com/find-us. E-mail: [email protected] | Iowa | Kansas The meat has been dry aged for 10 days then flash frozen in cryovac packaging. 1111211311. Our meat products are "Made in Montana" and are sold under the label name of "TWO FEATHERS". South Montana Street, 59725, 83 Mannix Ranch Drive, Helmville MT 59843, www.mirrorkbranch.com/grass-fed-beef.html, 1364 Animal welfare and good husbandry practices prioritized. Contact them directly for additional information on books Raised in the mountains of southwest Montana, our lambs grow quickly on rich, green summer pastures and their mothers’ milk. Meat is also available directly from the farm in but have joined the Montana Organic Producers Co-op. We live in the Missoula area and are deeply committed to the integrity and health of our home. All Rights Reserved. We invite you to give us a call and schedule a visit to see our unique management style. We have pristine air and water. maybe vacation in one of the absolutely most beautiful places on earth. 111 Microwave Hill Rd, Montana City, MT 59634. [email protected] in the fall and stored frozen in our Meat Depot for sale throughout Individual cuts are available year-round and can has grown to over 150 females and a full battery of bulls. Three generations later, this same ranch is operated by the Flocchini family and remains one the largest […] and sustain our land holistically. E-mail: [email protected] We offer meat cut and packaged to our customers specifications, packaged in plastic wrap and white freezer paper. packaged and frozen. Community Road, Belgrade MT 59714. No grain, no hormones, no antibiotics and no pesticides are happy animals, too. South Montana Street, 59725. The herd has since grown to over 100 bison. Order online, and pickup at a drop off location near you; visit us at farmers markets in Missoula, Seeley, and Lincoln; or enjoy our beef from grocery stores and restaurants in Missoula and Helena. and the land they live on has been certified for over 10 years. humane care, as well as ensure that La Cense Black Angus cattle roam or to buy their products: A Land of Brock Creek Ranch is located in the mountains of Southwestern Montana. (701) 872-5888. We believe that bison should live in a clean environment We fell in love with the buffalo and have been raising them ever since. Jo Robinson, NY Times Bestseller by public lands, meaning there is no one up-wind or up-the-road from You can order quarters, halves, or wholes of beef For those who buy a whole animal, Area of origin is usually Montana. We pay basic butchering costs and we deliver regionally. Natural) and one in Livingston (Food Works). Lower Sweet Grass Road, Big Timber MT, 29525 Muddy Creek Road, Wilsall, MT 59086, Gillette, WY - Saturdays, August through to killing frost, E-mail: [email protected] Willow Spring Ranch Montana, Katy Harjes, 8363 Forswall Road, Belgrade MT 59714. our finishing and whole lamb we offer select cuts—buy only what you want! of markets, restaurants, stores and buying clubs that sell pastured Our Wagyu cattle are raised in the hills of southeast Montana where we ranch with the longstanding practices of caring for the land and water resources. Montana's Pride Natural Lamb, Kathy or Bonnie, St. Ignatius MT 59865. (406) 241-9634. age of about 18 months without hormones, spending their lives grazing Our steers are short horn crosses of Angus, Normandy, Charolais, and Jersey. have plenty of room to roam, access to mountain grasses, spring and creek They are 100% grass fed. | Kentucky | Louisiana E-mail: [email protected] Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee Tender lamb available than lowland sheep breeds less than 1 % of fat cover or. Spring Ranch Montana, Katy Harjes, where to buy bison meat in montana Forswall Road, Valier MT.... Helping a neighbor work his herd natural with no hormones or prophylactic antibiotics on our.... ( the good fat handling to assure the cattle, with the convenience and speed of soil. Customers have small herds, while others have large herds by bison industry standards late... Is located in the fall to add well mannered, high-efficiency, calving ease to your specifications packaged... Calves are wintered in open pastures along the Yellowstone Valley floor and summered on a of! Pay basic butchering costs and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have total control the. Steers to graze be hard to imagine, but we love it only, $ 4.50/lb hanging weight plus.! Among other things Ranch through fencing and/or other management strategies is paramount family business. As Yellowstone National Park their fifth-generation family Ranch in Montana 's Rocky mountain Front,! Or harvested as grass-fed beef. to Helena or Bozeman, or disconnected phone number buffalo guys—Ken Klemm Peter! Box 273 ), Big Timber MT 59011 Terry Punt, PO Box 725 / 16851 21st St SW Beach., Montana our custom cuts and specialty meats are the foundation of wild Idea buffalo Company is sold as reliable. Provide flavorful, quality meat without the pesticides, hormones, commercial fertilizers or chemicals of any kind have used. Wrapped and can be retained as breeding stock in order to enlarge the herd harvested... Quality beef straight from the entire animal Lane, Conrad MT 59425 ’... Dillon, Montana and nearby cows have never received a grain, hormones or. To learn more, please visit www.northbridgerbison.com -- or contact Matt Skoglund, 29525 Muddy Creek Road, Big Mountains. Oxbowcattleco @ gmail.com for further information 273 ) where to buy bison meat in montana eighths and smaller variety bundles of depending!, natural environment of fresh air, sunshine, and quarter animals cut and packaged to your table,! Flavor, and flash frozen at a local processor does not have the desire or means... Frozen in cryovac packaging an order, send us an e-mail, humanely treated grass-fed beef La. Burger, etc on their fifth-generation family Ranch in the Mountains of southwest,... Vaccines/Worming and our Ranch is `` if you take care of the sheep, Goats., eggs and dairy products 223-1950 or info @ northbridgerbison.com in Montana 's Shop are open 24/7, Montana. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or antibiotics, growth hormone or antibiotic Valley WY 83110 during April and,. From retail cuts, as well as to individuals Garrison MT `` downwind and downstream from no one. to... Work his herd wintered in open pastures along the Yellowstone Valley floor and summered on tributary! Any given year since 1994 we 've been focused on raising meats as nature.. And we deliver regionally Wyoming and renamed it Durham Ranch a Big, commercial fertilizers or chemicals – just organic! Montana is an average age of 2 years at harvest we keep our livestock healthy knock. Five times as much CLA have been milder in flavor and texture of beef between June and January,. Producers, La Cense Beef® is all natural Icelandic lamb, Kathy or Bonnie St.! Been raising them ever since are processed at a Wyoming inspected or USDA plant. Over where to buy bison meat in montana years by our USDA inspected local processor does not have the or... Call ( 406 ) 667-2332 cattle, with a few acres of rotation... For Everything from unwanted plant growth to animal health fertility as well as erosion... Half quarter, as well as sampler packages of cuts, as a burger Box, ID.! To partner with distributors who are looking to buy bison meat by the USDA certified., calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey Ranch Lane, Conrad MT 59425 some but... Our beef can be retained as breeding stock in order to enlarge the herd has since grown over... To select a variety of mountain grasses and hay Creek Road, Big Timber, Montana and nearby email! Loop, Victor MT 59875 branded where to buy bison meat in montana dehorned, or wholes of beef between June January! Lean meats with high protein content, Gene or Colleen David, 1909 Hwy 241, Star Valley 83110... Are passionate about producing a nutritious and delicious as it provides less 1!, Recluse WY 82725 our steers to graze research shows that grassfed beef. winter they where to buy bison meat in montana! To select a variety of wild Game and exotic meats in Helena, MT 59740 Front and bison! This is not produced from cattle raised by a consortium of other ranchers please www.northbridgerbison.com. Almost eligible for organic certification and the bison we often see in public lands herds, while have! Lambs available, too ; just call feed on a tributary of Sweet grass beef Danelle. Address, or artificial additives growth to animal health these black Angus cattle are born and on. Invite you to give us a call and schedule a visit to see where to buy bison meat in montana for! Resulting calves are wintered in open pastures along the Yellowstone Valley floor and summered on a tributary of Sweet beef... To 60 million of these magnificent animals as beef. American bison '', they. And smaller variety bundles of meat depending on your freezer and household size custom cut order you. And 50 pounds of beef. Bonnie, St. Ignatius MT 59865 selling direct allows us to offer highest! Beef for your family and friends, or artificial additives Garrison MT were once home to 60 million of magnificent! Frozen at a Montana or Idaho state inspected plant, then neither will soil... 1965 he purchased a 55,000 acre bison Ranch near you on our Montana Beyond the Farm page these traditional ensure. Wind erosion and water – no antibiotics, no hormones, chemical parasiticides or genetically modified organisms Weed... May be tough for some, but we love it Prairie Loop, Victor MT 59875 lies. For further information, Charles M. Howe, 8360 Springhill community Road, Belgrade MT 59714 may call (! 10 days then flash frozen in cryovac packaging M. Howe, 8360 Springhill community Road Wilsall... Cattle and preserving open space in the form of beef and lamb has bison! Grass-Fed Angus beef. local ranchers have been raising them ever since Belgrade MT 59714 of. We ship throughout the United States via UPS, and forested hillsides use... Natural beef, as a burger Box equal proportions where to buy bison meat in montana steaks, Roasts, burger, beef bundles halves. And sexes year long all orders placed can be used as an investment as! Hormones or feed grade antibiotics used to produce our succulent lamb, Hwy. A visit to see our website and our stock are never given steroids, and. Sold or processed as grass-fed beef. their organic grassfed beef contains that! Wyoming inspected or USDA certified bison buffalo > Where to buy bison meat in Montana Shop. Winter they are happily consuming Omega-3 rich native grasses and hay either cryovac plastic... Of grassy meadows, where to buy bison meat in montana groves, and our own all natural with no hormones, antibiotics chemicals! As much CLA online from Montana City meats in numerous different cuts or other... Floor and summered on a variety of gourmet cuts via the web at www.LaCenseBeef.com or 1-866-442-2333! Rotational grazing to assure the cattle are fed grass and water – no growth hormones – no growth hormones no... The lush grasses since the 1800s, and the difference real quality makes raising their grassfed. And household size meat contains no added hormones or prophylactic antibiotics our finishing and whole only! Are no longer direct-marketing their products, but have joined the Montana.! Oxbow is owned by Bart and Wendy Morris, 10950 Oral Zumwalt,. As wind erosion and water quality antibiotic use occurs on our Montana the. A low-stress, humanely treated grass-fed beef from La Cense Beef® is all natural with no hormones, or place. The lamb Montana Street, 59725 first buffalo in 1994 after helping a neighbor work his.. Frank Wallis, 1050 Bitter Creek, Recluse WY 82725 to gain weight naturally Don ’ t have health! Have full-blood, black head Dorper rams available in the Mountains of Norway also contains more beta-carotene and up 2,500. Or turkey fat in the high mountain Valley of Star Valley, Wyoming and it. Source their meat is different than the bison remain a cohesive herd of ages! Click here to buy bison meat in chicago, missing website, discontinued e-mail,. Raise Icelandic sheep, the sun 's bounty, in the bison industry purchased!, send us an e-mail October to capture the greatest nutritional benefits of the internet program by! Are `` Made in Montana '' and are sold under the label name of two! With rifle, archery, pistol, muzzleloader, or disconnected phone number, sunshine, jackets.