BetterEvaluation Knowledge Platform Manager, BetterEvaluation. Kellogg Foundation (2006). Once you know where you stand, you can find your direction. Budget Time and budget requirements for dissemination are frequently underestimated. On this slide, you’ll find a portion of our This template might help users to consider why and how to do this. Are there others who can influence your primary and secondary audiences? We are a global collaboration aimed at improving evaluation practice and theory through co-creation, curation, and sharing information. They will go a long way to improve our communications. However, as is often the case, it may be more of an uphill battle to get the attention your evaluation findings deserve. Dissemination, in the context of European co-operation projects, involves the knowledge sharing of project results and is understood to be an activity of crucial importance during the project implementation process. Document management processes and agreements, 7. Objective of this Plan is to support partners in designing and organising project-related communication and dissemination activities, proving a reference guideline, common strategies and suggestions, and coordinated tools in order to increase the effectiveness of the implemented actions together with a An approach to decision-making in evaluation that involves identifying the primary intended users and uses of an evaluation and then making all decisions in terms of the evaluation design and plan with reference to these. Do you have good examples of evaluation communication plans you’d like to share? … A communication plan defines the approach that a program will use to communicate with communities. But we know that effective communication is not just about having good reporting formats. This doesn't mean it's not relevant - I think the steps listed are really good to go through, but I'd recommend having a look through the templates and thinking about if and how they would be useful for your needs. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. A research design that focuses on understanding a unit (person, site or project) in its context, which can use a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. I came across this resource while browsing the W.K. will be the resources for implementing the dissemination plan. Validity is one  - was the evaluation’s methodology up to scratch and defensible?). Types of communication plan examples. The brochure sheds light on the terminology of communication, dissemination and exploitation by illustrating the differences between the three terms, and pointing out the areas they have in common. Effective Communication & Dissemination Strategies. Various ways of doing evaluation in ways that support democratic decision making, accountability and/or capacity. Basic Template for Dissemination Planning . ... Summarize your plan using available tools and templates. A strengths-based approach to learning and improvement that involves intended evaluation users in identifying ‘outliers’ – those with exceptionally good outcomes - and understanding how they have achieved these. This series of templates was suggested by Amanda Athuraliya (Creately). Melody Bockenfeld. In European research and innovation projects, especially Horizon 2020, the dissemination and communication of results is mandatory. It’s important to think through some key questions about what it is you’re trying to achieve, and who you’re trying to reach. It is intended as an introduction, and will provide a helpful overview when developing your project’s outreach and exploitation strategy and plan. The case study below outlines the public health communication strategy behind Australia’s 1997 smoking cessation campaign, which reflects many of these stages. According to article 29.1 of the grant agreement, each beneficiary has the obligation to disseminate results by disclosing them to the public by appropriate means including scientific publications.Although this document of reference only talks about dissemination … Communication planning in evaluation can often be evidenced in a one paragraph discussion in the inception or final report outlining what the evaluation team is planning to do. The Communication & Dissemination Plan (CDP) of the CARE project arranges all dissemination activities within the project and it provides the guidelines for the dissemination to … Use it to establish what you need to do during crises. A strengths-based approach designed to support ongoing learning and adaptation by identifying and investigating outlier examples of good practice and ways of increasing their frequency. 1.2 Aims of the Dissemination Plan This Dissemination Plan (a) describes the project’s communication activities and how they will address the interests of its target groups; (b) specifies the project’s various communication channels; and (c) sets out guidelines for the dissemination of research. However, this can often miss the important considerations of why. • Dissemination methods: selection of dissemination tools and channels; • Dissemination time plan: definition of a plan of dissemination activities and responsibility of the partners. A particular type of case study used  to create a narrative of how institutional arrangements have evolved over time and have created and contributed to more effective ways to achieve project or program goals. Apart from the overarching 'Communications Plan', the post list a number of steps for communications planning and includes possible templates for these. We’d love to hear from you. The template is made up of three sections: While the template was designed to give guidance to decentralised evaluation teams going through WFP’s DEQAS process, I think it’s a great example to get all users thinking about the different components of communication during an evaluation. Kellog Foundation website and noticed it in the Most Popular Resources section. Best of all, it breaks this down evaluation phase, including communication activities during: A lot of communication plans focus on dissemination after an evaluation and don’t address communication during the earlier stages.