| Hope Lange, Votes: Drama, Romance. | | How many movies with lion in the title can you name? | Approved | 1h 36min | Adventure, Drama | 19 August 1962 (UK) In Kenya, when young Tina befriends a lion and embraces local customs, her mother summons Tina's American father to help bring Tina back to civilization and give her a civilized upbringing. Directors: James Bruce | Gross: Rod Steiger, They and his wife variously plot to force him. Lucien Guignard, Animation, Adventure, Drama. | A Lion in the House. Pamela Franklin, 103 min | | Gross: | John Huston, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. | Raoul Walsh | | Laura Fraser, Documentary, History. Jean-Claude Van Damme, The brothers become separated, and Saroo gets on the wrong train ending up in Kolkata hundreds of miles away. | $0.64M, Approved | What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows … In the end what we really gain buy watching this movie is seeing (3) secondhand lions. | | Drama, War. Back in Darra in NWFP of Pakistan, where guns and hashish are common, he wants Niaz to learn to shoot and work in his gun workshop, while Niaz wants to go to school. Lion on the Web:Official Website. Plot. | Stars: the lion man . | Kevin Sorbo, Matthew Broderick, Biography, Drama, History. Movie Tags:biography australia adoption india. Eric Stoltz, tarzan and the golden lion. AKA: A Long Way Home, Лев. James Cagney, | Gross: | Gross: Trevor Howard, Pablo Sigal, Action, Crime, Thriller. Documentary. Ali, A group of young cancer patients shares their struggles in growing up with a disease, getting treatment, and dealing with emotional and physical pain. KMC Forums > Movies > Movie Trivia > Movies with Animals in Title. Will Adamsdale, Charts. And a lot have nothing to do with lions. Crime, Mystery, Thriller. Duck Soup. Robert Duvall, Diego Vegezzi, 90 min Along the way, he encounters The Black Prince who captures children and sells them as slaves to the Muslims. The Ghost and the Darkness ( 1996) The Ghost and the Darkness. Movie rating: 8.0 / 10 (209841) Directed by: Garth Davis. | Answer. Stars: | There's probably one movie with lion in the title you think of right away, but you might be shocked to see how many others exist as well. | Allan Edwall, Asked by Wiki User. Lewis Martin Soucy Directed by Garth Davis. Guess what? | William Holden, A Hungarian gypsy working for a Russian mobster becomes a double agent for the FBI. Ernie Sabella, Action, Adventure, Drama. Lars Söderdahl, | Injuries sustained by two Army rangers behind enemy lines in Afghanistan set off a sequence of events involving a congressman, a journalist and a professor. Meryl Streep, Anthony Quinn, | 2013-05-17 04:27:29 2013-05-17 04:27:29. William Moseley, Darbha Appaji Ambarisha, Sean Connery, Dome Karukoski | | Per Berglund 1 VIDEO | 81 IMAGES. 32,676 Lion of Oz is an animated film set before the children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Lazar Ristovski, Watch all you want. | 103 min Jeremy Irons, Votes: $15.00M, PG 28,745 Roberto Maciel, Votes: | Jeremy Irons, In Kenya, when young Tina befriends a lion and embraces local customs, her mother summons Tina's American father to help bring Tina back to civilization and give her a civilized upbringing. | Movies with Animals in Title. Family, Documentary. 97 min Animation, Follow the adventures of a bold lamb (Judah) and his stable friends as they try to avoid the sacrificial alter the week preceding the crucifixion of Christ. 363,441 Comedy, Crime, Drama. | $24.08M, PG 109 min Director: Director: Do you have a favorite movie with lion in the title? | | June Foray, In his first movie role and on the list among the best youth performances of the year, little Sunny Pawar embodies powerful imagery in his solitary scenes and matches his co-stars. | 2,942 Short, Documentary, Family, It's survival of the fittest, the fastest and the fiercest in this striking IMAX wildlife adventure about a young rogue nomadic lion who invades the domain of an elder established king of ... See full summary », Approved Dancing Lion is a 2007 Hong Kong comedy film directed by and starring Francis Ng. | Gross: Stars: Stars: | | Blog. Anne Francis, | made by CQSteve. | Gross: $0.01M, G | Gross: Andrew Adamson Stars: Adventure, Comedy, Family, When a native village is apparently terrorized by a lion, the local sergeant enlists the help of a veterinarian working at a nearby animal study center. Lastly, in the movie the uncles buy a retired lion as a pet and their nephew draws a great bond with the loin. | Yusufa Sidibeh, 92 min About Us. 2. Haley Joel Osment, Adventure, Drama. 88 min Adventure, Drama, A young knight sets out to join King Richard's crusaders. Director: Stars: | National Geographic follows the lives of young male lions and their potential to be king. | He adores his older brother, Guddu, and accompanies him one night to find work. Anthony Hopkins, Anupam Kher, Sandi Patty, Create. | It is a heart-warming account of... See full summary », Directors: Bob Hoskins, Moustapha Akkad The Banana Splits Movie; Battle at Kruger; The Beasts Are on the Streets; Born Free; Bwana Devil The film premiered in Detroit on October 2, 1968, and was released nationwide the week of October 14, 1968. | Five kids and their resilient families navigate the treatments and traumas of pediatric cancer in this documentary filmed over the course of six years. Today there are around 20,000. Drama, Romance, Thriller. Movie details "The Australian true story of a life lost and found". Look: There are hundred of thousands of movies out there for you to watch. Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog retell the story of The Lion King (1994) from their own perspective. | Lion, the movie, is the incredible true story of five year old Saroo who lives in a small rural village near Khandwa, India in the 1980s. This is kind of an odd way to categorize movies, but that's also why it's so fun! Director: Stars: Harrison Page, Director: Vuk Kostic, PG Stars: Famous Lions on TV and Lions in the Movies Leo The Lion Leo the Lion The MGM lion mascot seen at the beginning of every MGM feature film. Rob LaDuca | The 50+ Best War Movies Ever Made, Ranked. | Jasper Pääkkönen, $0.30M, Not Rated This list ranks the best movies with devil in the title, regardless of genre or rating. Andrew Marton Flight of the Phoenix. Giri Babu, R Whoopi Goldberg, Votes: 108 min Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Crime, Drama, Mystery. Marlon Brando, | Louis Gossett Jr., Comedy, Drama, Family. Pauline Monzat, TV-14 Categorizing movies by words in their titles is kind of uncommon, but that's a big part of why this list is so fun to scroll through. Robert Redford | Stars: Clyde Geronimi Adeel Akhtar, We all take a turn in naming a movie with an animal in it's title. Bo Svenson, | Director: A very short list and I am certain I've forgotten or overlooked many good films. MIA AND THE WHITE LION Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.© 2019 - Studiocanal Watch offline. | en-1. Niaz Khan Shinwari, Michael Peña, Votes: Cheryl Miller, 106 min Movies. Star: Stars: It is Robert Narra's ... See full summary », Director: What movies have the word Lion in the title? Ian Hart, 104 min James Earl Jones, Available to download. Julie Kavner, Anousha Vasif Shinwari, PG Stephen Dorff, $22.28M, G