Series His wedding gift to Main Character is a pair of glass slippers. kimstyle30:. He is first seen in Rules of Engagement, Book 1, Chapter 6. He tried and stank of sap for a week. As a child, he wanted to go to a water park. If you spend extra time with him in Greece, he mentions his childhood best friend, Damien. This is the description of, of course, fictional place, but as we can see – Dubrovnik made a great impact of the aesthetics of the game. He tried to sneak away once but got caught by Bastien and was lectured about diseases in the water. In Book 2, the engagement tour starts in Cordonia and returns to Cordonia for a Homecoming Ball. Because our country is a plutocratic republic and not a monarchy, American makers of rom-coms have been faced with a choice: Either take the crowns off the principals and do a royal romance in civilian clothes (Audrey Hepburn’s “Sabrina,” say), or simply ship the whole story abroad (the Julia Stiles vehicle “The Prince and Me”). European Guy meets Main Character in Athens, one of the stops of the cruise and they spend the day and the night (premium choice) in Athens together. When Leo returns to Cordonia for Liam's coronation and for the gala during the Unity Tour, the affection is returned. In The Royal Romance, Book 1, if Your Character (The Royal Romance) decides to ask, he will say that there were talks when he was younger about becoming betrothed to Madeleine since their parents were close, but it was due to the public courtship / social season that he became engaged to her, a woman he had no romantic feelings towards. She is the first person he tells about his feelings to abdicate the throne. Also, Sydney's cousin's wife's sister is getting married to the prince of the country and the Let's All Dance Until We're Sick: France finale is being broadcasted at the wedding It should also be noted that the chief language of Maldonia, called Maldaquesh, is derived from the Italian language. •There is speculation in the fandom that Cordonia is possibly a modern-day Stormholt, from The Crown & The Flame series. @lizzybeth1986 @king-liam-of-cordonia May I present actor George Young.. I’ll give you a minute to take it in. Maldonia is a fictional country mentioned in The Princess and the Frog. If she decides to marry him, he tells her that he was adrift, scared of what he was going to do next and worried that he wouldn't be able to figure it out. The name is a portmanteau of real life Maldives and Macedonia. zigmund from the freshman and the sophomore with a headcanon where zig is super new to social media and doesn’t quite get it or its use but has obliged because mc made him make all these accounts (Source: mercedesplays) A prince of Cordonia. Blue A premium choice in Romance Book 1 Chapter 9 has you naming Hana's yacht. If you decide to marry European Guy, Regina will visit you both at your new home. Through the devastating turmoil that looms upon the Kingdom of Cordonia, Cordonia's Crown Prince, Prince Silva, and beloved Princess, Princess Stella, is presumed as dead, due to the wretched Witch, Ophelia. Game by Pixelberry I have used the commentary from the... #choices #fantasy #game #king #kingdom #prince #princess #queen #romance #royalty Light Brown Martha tries to scoop Cassie by making the prince her first guest, but he's camera shy and declines. When European Guy abdicates, Constantine is partly relieved. He had been thinking about it before they had met but she gave him the courage to do it. Choices: Stories You Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He loves to push himself to try new things as they put life into perspective for him. Alias Cordonia does not have a codified constitution but an unwritten one formed of Acts of Parliament, civil law code, court judgements, traditions, and conventions. Cordonia's capital city is shown to have a large casino district, where the rich and famous, as well as top government officials, gather to gamble. Will you accept his royal proposal, or will another suitor command your affections? Mr. Euro Trip (By Party-Girl Sister, BK1, Ch.6)Magic Leo (By MC, BK2, Ch.1; Determinant)The arm candy (By Aunt, BK2, Ch.21; Determinant)One-Eyed Killian Hastings (Childhood pirate name, BK2, Ch.10; Determinant)Casanova (Default nickname by MC, BK3, Ch.9; Determinant)Leo the Lionhearted (Childhood circus name, BK3, Ch.9; Determinant)Troublemaker (By King Liam, TRH1, Ch.19) Although he loves his first born son, Constantine knows European Guy was not suited for the role as much as Liam. Note: Kaleb's quote will change when other Scions are on the board, or when a player has the Eternal Throne totem: Ask. When they were younger and having to take dance lessons, they would fight on who got to lead. In Rules of Engagement, Book 1, European Guy describes Liam as competitive and always trying to outdo him. After the death of his brother, and later his father, Liam was expected to become the next King of England. Video. They have known each other since childhood. Family This could be a celebrity title or an honorary title, although not a title of power. ofhustlersandastronauts blog, gaming?, sims 4 September 21, 2020 September 21, 2020 2 Minutes. This is the adventure of a lifetime for a young, single mom who works hard as a waitress to get a better life for her and her daughter. Main Character gives European Guy a coin embossed with a Jolly Roger. Most popular Most recent. However, Cyrus Henstridge, Liam's uncle, claimed that Liam was ineligible to become the next King, due to the fact that Simon was not, in fact, the twins' father, according to DNA samples that Cyr… When you speak about how close you are to your siblings, he tells you that he is not close to Liam. Tonight’s new episode of Good Witch, Season 5 Episode 4, is called “The Prince.”It airs tonight, Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Audio. He says it was part of his princely training. By Book 3 though, if Main Character becomes his fiancée, he will speak about Liam with more affection, and feels guilty for leaving him to clean up the mess made by abdicating the throne. Summary: After a failed alliance and inability to secure a marriage pact between their children, King Bradshaw’s forces attack and overthrow Liam and Riley’s kingdom, leaving death and destruction in his path. Usually, he wears a blue button-down with a brown leather jacket. It is a backwards nation when it comes to technology and many refer to it unkindly as a 'Third World Nation'. His default name is Liam, but the player can pick a name for him. In Book 3, the Unity Tour travels to the Grand … Prologue. Cordonia: Fictional country of the Prince who stays at Grey House as mentioned in ’The Good Witch’ TV Show. European Guy has short, light brown hair, light skin, and blue eyes. Text. He tells her in Book 2, Chapter 19, that he abdicated a few days before the Captain's Ball. The king is elected by the parliament, thereby Coronia is a elective monarchy. If she decides not to marry him, he tells her that she has changed him and he wants to be a better man. Cordonia is a fictional European country in the Rules of Engagement and in the The Royal Romance series. All posts. Intersects with Roberts' The O'Hurleys series. A new guest, Henry, arrives at Grey House in search of a little peace and quiet after just finishing a tour in the navy. He and Main Character enjoy trying new things and aren't afraid of getting in trouble. But Constantine was usually busy and Bastien considered all amusement parks a hotbed for illegal activity and therefore unfit. They also watched kung fu movies all the time and thought they could copy the actors who walked barefoot across hot coals; they would practice on hot asphalt when they weren't in classes. Hair Color Full Name Take 2 since Tumblr wants to mess with me and eat my first post. Blades of Light and Shadow, Book 1 Choices,, This is confirmed in the final chapter of. He is one of the possible suitors for Main Character. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 2.1 Main Cast 2.2 Recurring Cast 2.3 Guest Cast 3 Notes and Trivia 4 Gallery 5 References Cassie hosts royalty at Grey House and the visiting prince hides a shocking secret. i’m so obsessed with him, no one understands. When he tells Cassie, she confesses that she already knew. If you decide to marry European Guy, Bastien will be his Best Man at your wedding. His mother was the first wife of Constantine and the former Queen of Cordonia. Cordonia is a fictional European country in the Rules of Engagement and in the The Royal Romance series. In Book 1, Chapter 15, he tells Main Character that he loves her and that he has never said those words to anyone before. The state form of Coronia is a constitutional monarchy headed by a king. He later joins the cruise to spend more time with her. His parents caught him and banned him from having any cake. A couple of years ago (before. the crown prince of cordonia. Their father and stepmother weren't pleased but Liam jumped in and backed him up. The Fall of Cordonia. Eye Color Even though he abdicated the throne, he is still referred to as "Prince" in other series. Damien's pirate name was Captain Balthier Barbarossa. •Ryan Summers, Cassandra Leigh, and Alyssa Griffin, characters from Most Wanted, all make cameos there in Book 2, Chapter 11 of Rules of Engagement. Contemporary romance. She is currently alive but her whereabouts are unknown. Love awaits in the royal court of Cordonia. Martha wants her to come on and talk about holistic healing. In The Royal Romance, European Guy mentions that he put Bastien through his paces, including having to scale a volcano. Constantine Rys (Father) †Unnamed MotherKing "Liam" (Half-Brother)Eleanor (Step-Mother) †Regina Rys (Step-Mother)Your Character (Sister-In-Law; Determinant) The Heir (Niece; Determinant)Main Character (Wife; Determinant)Unborn Twin children (Determinant) Party-Girl Sister (Sister-in-law; Determinant) Bookish Sister (Sister-in-law; Determinant) Brother (Brother-in-law; Determinant) Cousin (in-law; Determinant) Aunt (in-law; Determinant) Puppy/Hamster/Goldfish (Pet) Fabian Rhys (Ancestor) † European Guy has short, light brown hair, light skin and blue eyes. You can tell him to reconnect with his mother or not. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If Main Character marries him, he will tell you that his mother wrote a letter to him in Rules of Engagement: Newlyweds, Chapter 5. He is a snack just like Liam. Damien was from the other side of town, and they got to know one another because his father worked for Constantine. When she meets the Crown Prince of Cordonia and is convinced by her family and her daughter to go and compete for a chance to marry him, things start to unravel. After Donna contacted the underground hospital about some aliens in France. Their family used to have a vacation home in the Pyrenees. Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince is a Hero unit card depicting Kaleb, one of the original Scions. He wants to meet her and asks for your opinion. It is a unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. It is ruled by King Constantine, and is the home of Queen Regina, European Guy and Prince ‘Liam’. He admires her freedom and spirit, and she made him realize he can walk a different path in life. He doesn't remember much about his mother since she left court because she couldn't handle the royal life. •As a whole, Cordonia seems to be based on the Principality of Monaco, a real-life European country. Central.) Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. RoE, Book 1, Chapter 6 •Its gambling district seems to be based on Monte Carlo in Monaco. This card can also be obtained from The Empty Throne Card Packs. Their relationship is very rocky, as Regina insists on interfering with European Guy's life. Corona, the kingdom in which the Disney film Tangled is set. Cassie accepts Martha’s offer to appear on her talk show. She remains polite as decorum dictates when she sees him after he abdicates. Constantine Rys is European Guy's father. She is from a lesser known noble family. kamybelen-blog:. His suggested name is "Leo" but the player can choose a name for him. If Main Character chooses to marry him, then: Main Character learns that he knows how to pilot a helicopter. In The Royal Romance series, Liam says Leo was a good big brother when they were growing up (despite the pranks Leo would play on Liam and the retaliation that would commence). When they were younger, Olivia dared Leo to fell a talon tree in Lythikos. Sam gets a call from Patrick’s wife just to know how he’s doing. It is ruled by King Constantine, and is the home of Queen Regina, European Guy and Prince "Liam". violetflipflops:. Leo joked about having his apple tree dug up with his abdication, but Liam convinced him to let it stand[2]. Photo. However, they were never allowed to go outside on their own and no one ever wanted to take them. See more ideas about choices game, choices, royal. Cordonia is a fictional European country in the Rules of Engagement and in the The Royal Romance series. This follows a trope in modern fiction of setting modern-day royal romances in tiny European countries that are easily overlooked, often based mostly on Monaco, the most famous real-life example.