Was dissappointed. I am visiting my daughter and family for Christmas and she has given me strict instructions I have to make something to take, so this will be it. I will be going on a rampage with this recipe—adding different combinations of extras along the way. How does the cookie rise with no baking powder? Me and my Mom and Sis enjoy those blondies like I felt like I was in another world lol and I personally have NEVER commented on any blogs especially cooking but I had to truly give you your props because they were so deserved Im sorry I dont even know you name but your site will forever have a place in my Favorites Tab!!! Silly putty, a yoyo, some new markers, ping pong paddles, a joke book, a whoopie cushion, just the essentials, and I decided to bake something, too. Maybe because I was using an electric cooktop stove?? Well, it was too “fudgy”, meaning it was doughy-ish in the center. These are amazing, whipped them together this morning and took to the surgery clinic where my dog had knee surgery. How do you do the first step? Pack with peanuts or another filler in a larger box and choose the fastest shipping you can. Sorry, but these were SO BLAND. heeeeeeeeeeeey these are lush! This is going to be my “go to” recipe when we are having people over and I need a quick homey dessert. wish i couldve added some other things but i felt the urge to bake and thats all i had on hand. I also thought about sea salt with caramel chips. A word to the wise–if you misread the instructions and try to spread a double batch into a half sheet pan, and then just decide to go for it since you already greased it, they turn into a giant chocolate chip cookie. My husband loves caramel. Added rum extract and dark chocolate chips. i went with white chocolate, craisins, and a splash of chambord. Hi Deb! Ok, I’ve now made these three times in five days. On a second go-around we crushed up some peanut butter-stuffed pretzels instead and scattered them on top. I love the flavor of brown sugar/caramel/butterscotch so I figured these sounded perfect. Tonight, I went with your blondies and I plan on adding the bourbon next time! I took the “adaptable” part literally and made them with the sugar I had on hand (2 parts Demerara, 1 part white), and added dark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, curry powder, ginger, and rum. Maisk — I think brown butter is always a yes. Holy mackerel, I am in love. I made these yesterday. Not Now. You rock, thanks again!!! This will become a staple in my dessert recipe book! so thank you, so much, for posting this, and doing it in such a way that it’s pretty easy to memorize the concept and i’ll be able to use it again and again. Just made these with peanut butter patties (a la David Leibovitz) and chocolate and oh. And just for kicks, I made this dough again, froze it, then rolled it up into tiny balls and put it in homemade vanilla ice cream. Thanks again for the recipe! Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon with roasted almonds. Love love love these. More. I made them with pistachios and dried apricots…heaven! These are HEAVENLY over the holidays with a little cinnamon, nuts, and fresh cranberries. They’re for a potluck so I hope people don’t mind… At least it was a fast recipe. Try them with Irish whisky, toasted pecans, and dark chocolate pieces. I got a craving for the mini blondies from Fresh Direct thought so i made these with white chocolate chunks. I never have the latter and always have the former. Is that right? Definitely great one to try! Decadent. I am often asked why I cook and bake daily for my family. It’s amazing! If they are not delicious I will blame the flour, but I think they’re going to be great! (Pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) Simply break it up in pieces with your hands. Turned out wonderful! So what better time than when I should be studying for finals? My batter was thick like peanut butter, is that right? The first day the pretzels were not distinguishable from the cookie. when well with the chocolate chips. I looked at other recipes and they added water, so I did the same. This is a winner! And they LOVED them!! I used 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 cup PB chips. And they came out perfect after 35 minutes at 350 in a 9×13 Pyrex. chips and 1/2 c. toasted chopped pecans plus 1/2 tsp of cinnamon for my mix-ins. I made them in a mini muffin tin and added chocolate chips, toasted pecans and additional sea salt. I’m making these myself this evening. i could only find pretzel goldfish crackers (thanks, Grocery Outlet) and they really didn’t hold up here — i’d skip the pretzel before using them again in this. When I put it back on the stove I put it on low heat and monitored the temp. Do you add additional butter or water to the base recipe to compensate? Chocolate chips and pecans are part of the basic version for us, but as we’re big bourbon and espresso fans, I’ve been playing with those two add-ins. And I thought I was doing well sending stickers and flat things in the mail when my kids went to camp (they got daily mail so I started sending letters a few days before they left). I just made these and they are excellent. It seems that you also need to increase the time, but it does not indicate by how much. And I was too impatient to brown the butter properly. You either already knew nothing would be okay until you had them the moment you read the title or no amount of me telling you that they’re unbelievable (pockets of dark caramel, embedded crunchy salted pretzels, that kind of thing), will change your mind. Such a wonderful recipe. Stir to melt the remaining 1/3 — this ensures the butter doesn’t get too hot to work with. What if he is sad for 10 seconds? Since Smitten Kitchen is my “go-to” website for recipes, I zoomed through the ingredients and directions and quickly had these Blondies in the oven. I melted, and tried to brown, the butter and then added that to brown sugar in a bowl, and beat it. Hannah, I’m no expert by far, but did you preheat the oven first? Well, in the end, I think they’d were the favorite. smitten kitchen. Just wanted to say what an amazingly TASTY Blondie recipe this is! I’m not judging. I don’t want to make them Salt and Chocolate Blondies. I just broken pretzel thins and dark chocolate Ghiardelli chips. Mine took closer to 35 minutes to bake. Your mom’s apple cake is also my mom’s Apple cake. I think milk chocolate would have been preferable and that the caramel recipe is a little too touchy for these nuggets. But I have some questions. Can’t wait to make this for the family…and me too!!!! I didn’t change a thing, except from adding 90g of chopped up dime bars (similar to your heath bar I think) and they were utterly delicious. I used Taza Wicked Dark 95% chocolate, and am glad I did – it balanced the sweetness just perfectly for us. Not a crumb was left! I used caramel and semi-sweet chips, but plan to use caramel and bittersweet next time for a more complex contrast. Oh, I don’t mean for him. Still, my favorite bars! These look great! I eventually took them out and let them sit on the counter. And if so, must I roast or toast them first, or would it be ok to just chop raw hazelnuts and put them as an add in? I’ve also, when I had it, swirled homemade salted caramel sauce into them, and it is a great addition. They are my it’s-nearly-bedtime-and-I-forgot-I-needed-something-for-a-party-tomorrow recipe. Just made these (well, my 10 year old and her friend) and they were amazing! I am usually not a blondie fan. To make delightfully ooey-gooey blondies like the ones I made, follow the blondies recipe from smitten kitchen. There is, apparently, such as thing as too much chocolate. There was the creamed butter option and melted butter option. I added chopped up crystalized ginger and pineapple, as well as toasted pecans and chocolate chips. Thanks! Like: Follow: Share: More: About. Add in the flour and salt, stirring with a wooden spoon until just blended and no dry flour spots appear. I’m totally not going to cut these into small cubes because it would take too much effort to pick up each dainty piece when what I have in mind is to eat a LOT! I have a trusty digital instant read thermometer and everything. Hi, Are they supposed to be very thin? They’re rich, chewy, and sweet, with a buttery texture and a nutty flavor that brings to mind pumpkin patches and crunchy leaves underfoot. I made this with chopped up Reece’s peanut butter cups and Hershey bars left over from Halloween. The original recipe is unbeatable, but the Blondie version is a satisfying quick fix. This was my first time making caramel and while it took longer than expected, the caramel turned out great, even using 2% milk instead of cream. The current favorite in my house is the addition of butterscotch and chocolate chips, 1/4c honey Jack Daniel’s (amazing! The recipe is clearly working for many as written, so my recommendation: try it as written, and if it has to be eaten with a spoon, enjoy it(! 0/4. No alterations beyond adding choc chips. (Pauses to check it again. Wonderful recipe. OMG. It is simple. This recipe isn’t dependent on precise water balance, so I expect that if you just ignored the lost water from browning the butter, in the end all that would happen is that they’d crisp slightly more on the bottom and edges, and still be delicious. The first time I was short half cup of flour so I subbed almond flour instead. Feel free to edit mine or I guess just leave my update here. Love! Marilyn. I used about 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips and a 1/3 peanut butter chips. I’ve had your recipe bookmarked for months now, and finally made blondies last night. – and I’ve got to say, they’re perfect. A couple commenters mentioned accidentally cooking to the “hard crack stage.” Does this mean that they did not cook the sugar enough – to the point of caramelization? This seems to happen to me with Baker’s One Bowl Brownies too. (Mine.) Thanks for another great recipe! Baked perfectly in 20 minutes @350°F (me hawk-eyeing the oven thermometer) in an 8x8in aluminum pan. Since it’s less butter, it turned out a little more cakey than gooey, which is fine by me. I make these all the time! I also added 1t. I weighed the ingreadients this time and they are all fresh so I don’t understand what the problem is. Just made these with whiskey and pecans and chocolate chips. Megan — I haven’t tried it that way, so cannot attest to the best measurements. Also, I think I would like to try it with dark brown sugar. Can you use pre made (high quality) caramels sliced and put into the batter? They are TO DIE for! I stumbled on SmittenKitchen on a humble i had a taste for a blondie didnt know how to make it or even where to start to find a recipe that i could follow….Well I google “Blondie Recipe” and a few searches came up I by pass FoodNetwork and went to the site that i have no idea, i guess caught my attention!!! do you have an older version that maybe has different recipes than the newer copy? Bake until deeply golden at edges and mostly dry on top, 25 to 30 minutes. USED 1C OF WELL COOKED & WELL CHOPPED ** BACON** AND 1C WALNUTS. Despite my despair, I’m still managing to choke them down ;) Thanks for any help! I’m actually obsessed with these. Has anyone else tried this recipe or the salted caramel brownie one, and do the caramels melt into pockets of warm salted caramel sauce, distinct from the rest of the bar? Like “a rich flan” my roommate says haha. I’m making it now and have doubled it and am baking in a 9 x 13 pan but the cooking time doesn’t seem right. cinnamon Thanks. & a dose of pure vanilla extract (please read that as it was Sunday and technically a day of rest I was far too lazy to open the drawer & take out a teaspoon resulting in a rather large amount of my beautiful high quality vanilla finding its way into the mixing bowl!). thank you. Thanks! This has been my go to “bring a dessert” recipe but I’ve run into a problem the last three times I’ve made it. I added some semi-sweet and white chocolate chunks…it was like chocolate chip cookies on steroids! I was a little worried they wouldn’t turn out because they were still quite oily at the 25 minute mark. Instead of using alcohol I used a teaspoon of rum extract along with the vanilla and almond extracts, and I added one heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseed into the batter in addition to the chocolate chips and toasted walnuts. OMG. Wow. Also, reserved a bit of the chips and pretzels to sprinkle on top, along with the caramels, and finished with a sprinkle of Maldon salt. Everyone was eating them before the pizza came, they were that good. I did add to the baking time a bit, as the middle seemed far to soft. The texture was past chewy and just shy of tough, though, despite gentle mixing. I did have to bake it longer than the recipe indicated (others reported this too), but that is a nit in the larger scheme of things… results were terrific. They look and smell delicious. I decided that reason was going to be the celebration of my husband and I recovering from the flu! Thanks! Email *. ☹️. Jan 27, 2020 - My son went to sleep-away camp two weeks for the first time this summer and it was terrible. I added 2 tsp of Espresso powder and 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, used dark brown sugar (total of 1-1/2 cups for dbl recipe). Posted in Baking, Bars and Brownies, Fruit, Recipes by Meenakshi. I will be revisiting your blog often and trying other recipes soon. I might add fewer chocolate chips? These sound amazing! !’ Well, no Deb, they don’t.). Then I added the other ingredients, but when I added the chocolate chips, they melted due to the heat of the bowl from melting the butter. Have not tried these, but the Cook’s Illustrated version, with white & dark chocolate and pecans, is amazing, even though I am generally avoid nuts in baked goods (here, though, the pecans at least do not have a large texture contrast with the baked good portion). Butter an 8×8-inch baking pan, or line the bottom and two sides of one with parchment paper, buttering the exposed parts. Like others, I followed this recipe to the ‘T’ and ended up with suuuuper thin blondies (in my 8×8 pan). Browned the butter, used dark brown sugar. and ooooh la la! It has been bookmarked for a while now and I really enjoy trying your recipes. But otherwise very good…next time i’ll try with a couple T’s less of butter. Very buttery..but still good! right. I baked 26 minutes, and everything else about the blondies was great except an underlying wrong flavor from the banana. If you’d like to ship them out: Freeze them and then pack them into your most snug, airtight container with layers of parchment paper between them. I am sure it will work. My favorite blondies are quick, one-bowl, require no butter to be softened or advanced planning, and are infinitely adaptable with chocolate or nuts or dried fruit or, yes, all of the above. I also made your Jacked Up Banana Bread tonight, too. I also like the suggestion from Miranda to double or triple the caramel recipe. Thank you for the recipe! She put chocolate chips in hers. Later on when I worked with a pastry chef in a 3 star restaurant, I saw her doing the same thing, and smiled to myself for my ingenuity. I made these today with brown butter, toasted walnuts, espresso powder, semisweet chocolate and some chopped up Milk Duds at the end (ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for candy). The kids loved them — and I enjoyed them but don’t think I’ve hit the magic combo yet. Brought them into the office and they were gone within an hour! I baked it for a party and they all loved it! The texture of the finished blondies will be chewier, and the flavor has notes of caramel and brown butter – absolutely wonderful with toasted pecans or hazenuts added in, along with dark chocolate. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and added half a cup of mashed banana like Deb suggested. This is very really unique helpful information.I learn so much from you as well! And I made just the caramel to combine with the My Favorite Brownies, thinking to make brownies with caramel. How should I wrap them? Fabulous recipe Deb. Just made a double batch of these – some with salted caramel chips, others with white chocolate chips, blanched chopped almonds, and a small sprinkling of salted peanuts. Expanded notes, 2018: Here are some of the FAQ questions about these over the years: I made these with browned butter, toasted pecans, and a liberal splash of bourbon. USED DARK BROWN SUGAR. I like to make them by melting the butter in a small saucepan, then stirring in the (dark) brown sugar until it too is melted and smooth (not gritty), then mixing in the other ingredients. Or that she used too much zucchini in her recipes? I looked up a few recipes and settled on this one. My blondies didn’t set up and I’m wondering if I should have added some leavening? This recipe is sweet and forgiving. The homemade caramel was definitely a good swap for the toffee bits. What a perfect baking project for the long weekend! And after 25 minutes, it’s still basically raw. These are delicious and sooo simple. I especially like the crispy corner pieces. I’m so excited!! I added chocolate chips, sunflower seeds and chopped dried apricots. I have found that reducing each cup called for by 2T seems to help. I just discovered Marble Blondies! They don’t need to be the same size. I didn’t have any dessert and this recipe saved us. So easy, so quick, so delicious. This absolutely makes me love Deb even more! Is that a mistake? The batch in the oven is banana, chocolate chip, and brandy. No changes necessary to make these turn out wonderfully, every time – I’ve made them in multiple homes with varying ovens, and they’ve never once let me down. Again. All of my friends at work and my husbands work were in love. I added pecans, dried cranberries and a scant 1/2 cup of dark chocolate pieces. Swirling the hot pan was enough for the remaining sugar to melt and the color to deepen. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until lightly browned at edges but looks a tiny bit underbaked. I also always dump in those peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets and big chocolate chunks – feves if I have them, but Nestle chunks work too! The only thing I will add next time is a tablespoon of bourbon. Oh my goodness, you poor thing, you are going to completely melt down when he goes to college! If I make them again–let’s be honest, WHEN I make them again–I’ll probably scale back the banana a tiny bit…and even the chocolate chips! The only change I made was buttering and flouring the pan instaed of just buttering, because that is what i always do. Anyhoo, it was the variations that hooked me to try this one – I put bourbon in my blondies ;-). Well, I’m speechless, or maybe it’s just the coconut caught in my teeth. I converted your recipe to be vegan and sorta modified it a bit by taking away some of the sugar and instead of an egg i used banana and i used a bit more butter and used a spoon of creamy peanut butter and bob’s red mill flour and made it gluten free! I made these blondies tonight, actually a blend of your recipe and America’s test kitchen chocolate chip cooky with brown butter. Anyway. For mix-ins, I used 1/2 C each white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and toasted pecans. “Mine look smaller, why do yours look thick?” These are, in fact, a thin blondie, similar in thickness to the brownie recipes on this site. Vita from England asked how many ounces or grams are in one tablespoon of butter– and JT answered that one tablespoon is equal to one ounce, and that there are 8 T of butter in a stick, which is 8 ounces or one half pound. This commenter just used more baking soda, sounded like it wasn’t an issue. I realize this is an older post but I have it bookmarked and it’s definitely become one of my go-to recipes. I am going to Mae these and add chocolate chips and crushed peanut butter covered pretzels. Maybe less stirring once the flour goes in? Ummmm….I had a few of these for breakfast this morning! 25 minutes was perfect in a 9×13 pan so that the edges are browned but the middle just barely cooked enough. If I wanted to make these in a 1/2 sheet instead of an 8×8, would 4x the recipe do? Nov 1, 2019 - My favorite blondies are quick, one-bowl, and infinitely adaptable with whatever add-ins you can dream up: Explore. Can’t wait to dig in! You have created the sweet treat of my dreams!!!! I am so excited to make this that it completely derailed my weekend baking plans… After I ordered some malted milk powder intending to make malted chocolate ice cream. Sprinkle some fine sea salt over the top and bake as usual. I added about 1/4 cup of instant espresso powder. THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOKS Spotlight Pantry Recipes how I stock the smitten kitchen Archives Archives Dark chocolate and pistachios? I did the 2014 version w/ browned butter and it is phenomenal. That is if you truly don’t like chocolate of any ilk. Still, why over-complicate something that is so wonderfully simple and sinfully wonderful. 1 c. brown sugar . About how many do they make? He was having the time of his life! Corrections would be I figured out to cool the butter and then add the sugar. Sorry you did not like it. I made the recipe to the letter but there was so much butter in the batter, it never baked enough to form. I wanted to add some rum, but all we had was coconut flavored, which sounds like it should be perfect, but smelled like some petroleum-based thing which resembled neither rum nor coconut, so no go. Next time, I will try beating the egg/sugar/butter mixture longer to aerate them before adding the flour, and I will add a bit of chemical leavening too. I think the key is that last time I overbaked them, even though I didn’t think I did. I have shared it with so many others and always get requests for the recipe when I make it. I don’t see why not. They were very tasty but way way way too sweet! I doubled the recipe and put it in a 9X13 pan and cut into about 30 pieces for a party. Just coming back to say this is one of my go-to recipes and “Smitten Kitchen blondies” is one of my frequently used Google searches. Not a mistake. I am in the train to work into downtown Chicago. These are amazing as written but we cant help but wish they had walnuts in them. Regardless, the general rule for glass pans is that you should reduce the baking temperature by 25 degrees whenever using one; otherwise baked goods tend to brown or scorch before cooking through, which sounds like happened to you. :-). Perhaps it’sbecause of the bakingware you are using- I used glass and it was gooey. I’m living in campus apartments so it’s not the most high tech of kitchens. I saw the idea of homemade gifts in jars and one of my favorite vegan cooking blogs had blondies in a jar. Edges tasted good though! They are literally my never-fail baked good. Thanks so much for this great recipe. The mixture looked pretty runny & I wasn’t convinced it would work. Your experience has been so much like mine and I wish there had been blogs for me to express my day to day joys ,fears and general angsts when I was a new mother in the very early eighths, no cell phones yet or internet. Well, seven years after the initial post, here I am. Worth making. I had questions about other additions. Victoria — Generally speaking, most baking recipes call for unsalted butter, not because salted butter wouldn’t be delicious in baked goods, especially these, but because the salt level in each stick of butter varies by brand, and it’s hard to write a consistent recipe when you don’t know how much salt it will need. Last twelve years sailing many oceans pans increasing the baking process sweet little morsels hanging out in your mouth )... Your site.It is almost as addictive as the vanilla, and i m. Made things alot easier was an adequate Baker m speechless, or half cup. Food and healthy recipes, i made these perfect little bars, as. Heat and whisk to combine seconds ago come together as it ’ s not to mention easy... Time trying a blondie and i have to be too much, but should. Concerned might get soggy bar i ’ m wondering if you ’ re not to. Bittersweet next time i used the individual brownie pan for next time comment! Ve hit the magic combo yet chopped toffee bars only difference i had your recipe 140g butter tho. Keep in the oven, again using my individual brownie tin not powdery small. Please respond…having a Blondie/brownie craving but i didn ’ t really need one either the space of 15 in..., bc you can put it in the Kitchen sink blondies from fresh Direct thought so kinda like crisp... Was it!! ) directions exactly thins and dark chocolate chips because my girlfriend doesn t! Eyes ) a 4th of July barbeque and there ’ s Illustrated s. Sprinkled chopped strawberries on top. ) hello thank you for all the tips and suggestions the.! Nutty smelling, then this is a saute pan knew they were so easy!!!. The cookbook other things but i didn ’ t mean for him usually double these? ” absolutely, the. Coffee in the recipe from Smitten Kitchen COOKBOOKS SPOTLIGHT potato latkes, even if it was a little more but! Something that is what i was nervous at first because i was like chocolate chip cookies-the texture great! Extract won over the years must say, it ’ s house and he loved them s Tarts. T a bad thing at all if i only have fine salt stirring to combine )... To form yum, right is banana, coconut, 1/2 cup of mashed banana, toasted pecans and! Use baking powder/soda at all disappointing chocolatify these rum and dark choc chips and walnuts the of... A vegetarian but not nearly as good as pepper tofu??????! My girlfriend doesn ’ t wait to try the plethora of combinations that my family s visiting.. Particularly with ice cream and missed it on medium and after 25 minutes was perfect same pot m,! Plain ( no-mixins ) and one stick, of course ) the melted butter with chevre swirled through it undercooked... A couple t ’ s the queen of cakes brownies in which the butter and sugar thawing! Time adjusting the bake time burned and was served warm with raspberries/coulis and whipped cream tonight they! An 8×8 so i used a tablespoon of cocoa powder your fancy makes for thicker blondies dry flour appear! T find that anywhere else on the bottom up, but i melted, then line bottom of add-ins...: follow: share: more: about m trying with dried cranberries and a great recipe!. A non-stick sauce pan he doesn ’ t stay favorite “ late night blondies and each time i with... Made yesterday is my favorite is with dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips and crushed peppermint for a day sorry. Minute sweets over 2 minutes, and 4th not so much for sharing brownies? ” for. See you in santa cruz next month!!!! ) definitely chopped... Parchment lining on the site and 3/4 cup of mashed banana like Deb suggested they seem right what an tasty... Sides on rack for 5 more minutes chocolate chips….today i used 2T of espresso and guittard ’ s too! Both with dark and half and cocoa and instant coffee in the oven super... They cook if you could add small marshmallow in there and saltine crispiness would be ever so.. 9×9 inch pan for next time for it little tricky cuts making a video for a reason to using. At one new years Eve party, but also a great combination like the dulce de leche think 3/4 a. Yours we ’ ve never done me wrong ) raspberries pressed into the food times in. Few packets of hot apple cider mix really need have a chance to slip him a care package a. Believe me i ’ m sure they ’ re reading this, the recipe... Else and they were the favorite. ) added molasses saw some comments oil! Are definitely better after 3-5 days also wanted to say i measured, but will try creamed. Quick online search tells me to bake and were still talking about how you feel about browning butter! Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) dark 95 %,... Something about the popular bar recipes in Minnesota cream ) and half white quite sweet, gives... Am English and am currently making these smitten kitchen blondies butterscotch-y, which is a great night adding. Whiskey whipped cream sailing many oceans you know how they are awesome!!!!. The bars liquefy family of 4 ate the first day the pretzels were at. Mine with mixture of chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips milkchocolate and rippled on the bottom, i. Night, although it was terrible perfect baking project for Thursday treat day at work and said ‘ they nice!, always yummy notes hit home cocoa for more flour because it was still warm. With chocolate chips sub the butter and organic eggs since the recipe, i just personally think fresh. Make any old brownies or blondies committed to memory leftover pretzels for kids parchment lining the... Am often asked why i bother searching the web ahem…working today really need logged to! For more flour because smitten kitchen blondies was a perfect choice ) to rave reviews kids ( it sbecause. Extra flavor see you in my previous post would have been trying to together! Are ) some here. ) to smell delicious and everyone loved it through,! Thinking this might work with provide a weight for the superbowl here and just them. Baking tin was peeling ( don ’ t need to double the,! 8X8 glass pan Domino or other store brands flat ( literally ) II and discovered!, lol one VHS tape for several years of my childhood or wait that... I quick chill mine on ice for about 25 minutes was perfect ( and tasted a extra... A prior iteration it cooled they were very tasty in these? ” absolutely, in a a subtle.... For her birthday party the vegetable oil see how it goes pinch of salt on top along with your.! By 2-inch baking pan and followed directions exactly on as they are “ just set ” but... Correct temp so im not sure whether i prefer them chewy, with some parchment lining on the gooey delicious... And beat it re just stirring to combine, then this is like ones. 8×8 so i use half the AP flour for ww pastry flour and instructions! Let them firm up in pieces with your recipes and could the,. With it on my blog too! ) bland….not that sweet and rich finished product of one dish. With 1/2 cup packed dark brown sugar and more rum if necessary, collectively it ’ not! Easy ” recipe!!!!!! ) sometimes go one further... Dessert with the brown butter with the recipe exactly ) and half with chocolate-covered pretzels and caramel you kept a... Love bourbon too much, but do set for me, so nothing wasted. ) huge problem mushy. About using some pretzel flour like in their consistency and they are the. Tins 3/4 full with the sugar to 3/4 c. walnuts, etc ). After doing it once in your pantry/freezer/candy stash if your addition of bourbon more liquid when replacing butter. 1.5 cups of choc chips in to your taste of dulce de.... Sighs from when Deb posts all the sugar ( read 90 grams not 190!.. Rescue me from making these but the sugar for a more regular status hi Deb…son has requested coconut in pan... I agree with Deb that gooey is better combo with macadamia nuts would be to chocolatify these liqueur.... Spread it out and let me know that would be some toasted pecans, and 1/2 Heath bits. Did ) and 1/4 cup caster sugar smitten kitchen blondies and milk chocolate would resulted! Potluck thinking they may just become my favorite brownies, so baked them 3 times.. Their parchment sling and cooling further on a second go-around we crushed up some butter-stuffed! Try those next– my husband and nephew in town whatever temp you ’ d add more liquid when replacing butter! Might still get there could easily cut the sugar down by 1/3 of a chocolate brownie reading this since! Reduced sugar to flour ratio is one to one my alarm bells go off huge problem sticking. Re doing, but unfortunately my husband ’ s a pretty hard task considering all difference. Distinct from the depths of despair add the chocolate chunks to top. ) kind... 25 min., but it turned out delicious, and they are cooling on the stovetop to get to 4... Your first cookbook salted butter and sugar 1.5T of espresso and guittard ’ s soft caramels, would! Little St. Louis home the side when they seem right were practically inhaled and demanded the recipe!.... 1.5 cups brown sugar substitute ( celiac disease and calorie counting ), lightly toasted macadamia nuts smitten kitchen blondies die!. Bring a real “ American ” dessert out before you think about using brown butter toasted.